Gustavo Zambonin

I am an MSc student at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, where I research quantum-safe digital signatures. I am also a member of the Computer Security Lab, where I have made several contributions to the Brazilian Public-Key Infrastructure.

My curriculum vitae is available here. I am also on GitHub and reachable at or



I have worked with quantum-safe cryptography for the last three years, starting as an undergraduate.

Academic activities

I have had the opportunity of helping fellow students and giving talks/classes on subjects I explored at some time. Especially enjoyable are the teaching experiences, consonant to my aspirations of becoming a professor.

Professional experience

The Computer Security Lab has been my workplace for the last four years. Favorable circumstances led me to work in various projects related to information security, obtaining valuable insight about its applications.

With regards to other realms of computer science, I am always eager to learn about programming language theory, compiler engineering and emulation of processors. I have also been told that I get very excited when talking about astronomy, typing on IBM mechanical keyboards or listening to anything with a saxophone line.